Five Myths About Plastic Surgery Debunked

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Plastic Surgery Myths

Whether it’s a nose job or breast implants, many people are choosing to get plastic surgery these days to improve their looks. Most of them do extensive research on the procedures they desire before they meet with a plastic surgeon.


If they do most of their research on the Internet, they can have trouble distinguishing facts from myths. With that being said, here are five common myths about plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Is Only for Shallow People




It is commonly believed that only shallow and vain people undergo pcolastic surgery. Well, this belief is not true. Most people get plastic surgery so that they feel better about themselves and the world around them. If they improve an area that bothers them, they can concentrate on other parts of their lives.


Plastic Surgery Is Extremely Expensive


Plastic surgery is not exactly cheap, but it is more affordable than people think. For example, many procedures can now be performed in an outpatient facility, which lets patients forego the expenses of staying in a hospital overnight. Most plastic surgeons also offer financing options so that you can make affordable monthly payments.


Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Cause Scars


Unfortunately, all surgical incisions will cause scars. However, many skilled plastic surgeons know how to hide scars in discreet areas so that they are not noticeable. They might never disappear completely, but they will rarely be noticeable to others.


Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Require Follow-up Visits


It is actually very important to schedule follow-up visits after your procedure. During your follow-up visits, your plastic surgeon will make sure everything is healing properly and check to see if there are any complications. If you do at least one follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon, you can prevent problems in the future.


Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Count As Real Surgery


Plastic surgery definitely counts as real surgery and should not be taken lightly. Although most plastic surgery procedures are very safe, there are risks involved such as infection, nerve damage and blood clots. It is very important to discuss these risks with your plastic surgeon before you undergo a procedure.


If you plan to get plastic surgery in the future, make sure to get your facts straight. It is also important to do proper research on plastic surgeons so that you find the best one. If you are on the lookout for a great plastic surgeon, you should visit

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