The Benefits of Getting Fit with Friends

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People report more success with their weight loss, dieting, and exercise programs when they start their new habits with friends. Social fitness apps like RunKeeper and Fitocracy allow users to work out and make friends online, and they stay motivated as they work toward their goals and earn achievements.

Work Out with Friends Online or at the Gym

RunKeeper allows walkers, joggers, and runners to track their steps in real time. They log onto their smartphone, and it uses GPS to track speed and distance. Users can view their pace, time, and calories during their run. It’s an iPhone app, so users can share progress with friends.

Social media has improved the way fitness enthusiasts and professionals eat, play, and exercise. People connect on Facebook to stay in touch, but on Fitocracy they log their workouts and share with friends. The effect is like having a gym with a support group in your pocket.

These apps take video game concepts, like achievements and levels, to help people stay motivated toward their goals. Tracking a workout earns points or boosts reputation, and they do so in competition with friends.

Sharing Success with Friends Boosts Confidence

Success stories are posted in the form of video, pictures, and written testimonials on forums or personal blogs. They are shared through the apps, and the greatest stories go on to inspire others. These stories prove to others that real results are possible.

Fitocracy keeps a blog that promotes its most motivating users in spotlight posts. They share the struggle, progress, and outcome of the user. People read the story and they follow the spotlighted person to keep track of future progress or to ask for advice.

One user, who had brain damage, relied on his girlfriend to help him through the day, but he eventually worked his way to a healthful lifestyle by using Fitocracy and its support groups. His story was spotlighted to help others.
Food is a big part of getting fit. People share diets, recipes, and philosophies in addition to workout styles. Fitocracy has dozens of groups dedicated to sharing diet tips. Many of them focus on paleo or vegan diets, and some even highlight bacon.

People often make friends online and then meet in real life to get fit or socialize. Personal trainers use the apps to meet clients and either coach them online or in person. Skype is a popular tool for trainers to work with clients in groups or one on one.

Crowd Fitness

A number of websites have fitness hosts who motivate thousands of people for free. Sites like BodyRock.Tv became popular in 2009 when they offered free workout plans to viewers through their YouTube channel.
Since that time, the site has branched off into multiple businesses, each with their own hosts. They post weekly and daily videos to motivate thousands of people to get fit. Many of the videos earn hits over the ten thousand mark on the first day.

Working Out Together is Efficient

People make blends of their favorite fitness apps. A common combination is Fitocracy with RunKeeper, because the running app feeds into the workout journal on Fitocracy, which keeps track of daily points and achievements.
Social media and sites like YouTube revolutionized the fitness industry and the way people work out in the last four years. Smartphones with high definition video record sweaty, energized enthusiasts who share their passion across the Web with friends, family, and strangers.

Keep focused and motivated with your workout programs with these apps and online forums, and you’ll soon be watching the pounds melt away.

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