Cure for French Fry Cravings!

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French FriesToday, I had the most incredible epiphany! I was eating some of my sister’s french fries when I thought to myself “Hmm… These kinda taste familiar..” Then I realized what tasty treat they reminded me of!

In mid french fry, I put the box of fries back in the bag because I remembered I had some cashews in my desk at work. That’s right! Cashews cured me of my strong craving for french fries! It makes perfect sense! Why haven’t I seen it before? Cashews are salty… And so are french fries!

Cashews are also much better for you than french fries! Did you know that a handful of cashews is the equivilant of a whole Prozac? Cashews have naturals mood boosters in them that give you a sense of well-being while french fries make you feel crappy. You are what you eat!

French fries make me feel so sick whenever I eat them. When I eat cashews, it makes me feel like I’m feeding my body something healthy and I feel great. Plus, cashews fill you up more than french fries do.

Cashews are obviously the better choice for a snack than french fries. Next time you are craving french fries, grab a hand full of cashews and you’ll feel better and more fit  in no time at all. 🙂Cashews

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  • that picture of fries just made me hungry. Too bad I don’t have any cashews…

  • Jonathon

    Just wanted to add that eating french fries doesn’t have to be unhealthy. What if I told you you can have health french fries made with the T-Fal Acti Fry. Saw it on Dr. Oz. Only 1 table spoon of oil. That’s it! And they taste great without all the fat.