Why Comfortable Shoes Are Essential to Overall Health?

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vibramsThe type of shoes a person wears can actually play a role in their overall health. It is important to wear a pair of shoes that fit properly and allow enough space for the toes to wiggle. People who choose to buy shoes online should make sure that they are ordering the right sizes in order to give their feet maximum comfort. Here are a few ways that wearing comfortable shoes can affect a person’s health:

Proper Body Alignment

The feet play an important role in properly lining the body. Wearing comfortable shoes that offer sufficient support and are fitted properly can keep the body in better alignment while walking. Shoes that are not comfortable and that are not fitted properly can result in back, knee, and hip pain due to the misaligned steps of the feet. Misaligned steps can cause these other parts of the body to overcompensate and function improperly.

Nerve Health

Comfortable shoes can prevent nerve damage from occurring in the feet. Shoes that are uncomfortable can often pinch certain nerves in the feet. Pinched nerves usually lead to pain or a tingling sensation developing in the feet. If the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, pain can also radiate up through the legs and into the lower back.

Bone Health

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can also prevent certain bone problems within the feet from occurring. Bone spurs, which are painful bone outgrowths found on joints, are often caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and rigid. Shoes that are too tight in the toe area can cause the bones to bend upward at the first joint and can lead to a condition known as hammertoes. Uncomfortable shoes have also been known to lead to the development of stress fractures.

Skin Health

A person can prevent painful blisters from developing on the feet simply by wearing comfortable shoes. Wearing shoes that are too tight can also squeeze the toes together and can result in the development of an unpleasant fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. Rough patches of skin known as calluses can also form on a person’s foot if shoes do not fit well.

Getting a comfortable pair of shoes can prevent certain health problems from developing. Even though people often sacrifice comfort for style, it is important to buy shoes that are properly fitted and give the feet and toes enough room.

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