Is Your Hair Dye Making You Sick?

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DyeDo you love how a fresh new hair color makes you feel when you look in the mirror? You know what I mean – the way the hair shines, feels thicker and healthier and how it hides those pesky gray hairs that keep showing up!

Or, do you feel something entirely different when you use hair dye to color your hair?

Perhaps you feel sick or have experienced some nasty side effects after using dye on your hair. It’s not a coincidence…there are some women and men who react negatively to hair dyes and there’s good reason for it.

Some of the symptoms people experience include:
• Red, itchy eyes
• Red, blotchy, itchy skin around the face, ears, and neck, and sometimes the back or chest
• Difficulty breathing – the most serious reaction of all

What’s the big deal about hair dye ingredients?

Skin is the largest organ of the body, so whatever we put on the surface of our skin will enter our bodies. Unfortunately, traditional hair dyes contain ingredients that are not natural, but are actually synthetic chemicals that our bodies cannot process.

Research conducted within the last several years indicate that hairdressers and people who use hair dyes have more incidences of cancer than people who don’t come into contact with hair dyes. Scary thought, isn’t it?

What ingredients should you avoid when you’re looking for hair color?

• PPD – p-phenylenediamine or paraphenylenediamine (carcinogen)
• Parabens
• Fragrances
• DMDM hydantoin
• Propylene glycol

These are just a few of the ingredients that are considered irritating or dangerous to the skin and ones that could cause an allergic reaction for someone with sensitive skin.

When we say that hair dyes can make you sick, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a negative reaction the very first time you use it. It’s possible that you could have an allergic reaction after a few uses too.

Some people might not have an allergic reaction that is evident on the outside of the body, but the chemicals that seep through the skin or are inhaled could be causing health issues on the inside of the body that will show up later at some point.

What’s a girl to do then if she wants to cover gray or simply try a new hair color?

Look for hypoallergenic hair dyes! There are a few truly hypoallergenic, natural hair dyes available that will not cause hair dye allergies reaction but will still give you the healthy, beautiful, shiny hair you desire.

The two products I would recommend are Light Mountain and Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural. Light Mountain has colors across the spectrum – blonde, brunette, or red. The Aubrey brand name is only for brunettes at this point.

I’ll be honest – you’ll have to spend a little more time to color your hair and the process is a bit messier when you use the safe hair dyes, but the rewards are that you’ll be using a dye that is safe and you’ll have gorgeous hair when you’re done!

That’s the ultimate goal, right? To enjoy beautiful, free-of-gray hair that shines and looks healthy? It’s worth the investment of time to know you’re using a safe dye, isn’t it? Absolutely!

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