Benefits of Swimming

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Running is a highly common form of exercising; but is it the most effective?  After reading this article, you might be re-thinking your daily running sessions.

Many people don’t realize this, but swimming is a cardio exercise, like running, that burns more calories than any other cardio exercise in the same amount of time. Swimming offers you a total body workout, without all of the negative effects that running gives. You see, running is a high-impact exercise; which means that with every strike your foot makes on the ground, you are causing damage to your knees and joints. You don’t get that with swimming, since your feet aren’t striking the ground; all of your movements take place in the water. Swimming is also a good choice because it benefits you in so many more ways than the great cardio exercise. It helps strengthen your lungs by making you conserve your breaths when you go underwater.

So you can see, the benefits of swimming outweigh those of exercises such as running or cycling. However, those 2 activities are also beneficial and are great alternatives if you don’t have access to a swimming pool.

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  • I agree with you.I think the main advantage of running is that it is very cheap and also you dont hve to take any lessons unlike swimming..We all learn how to run naturally as we grow up.Thank you for informing post.Saw your blog on Technorati and its on my bookmark.Keep on writing.Cheers!
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  • Oli

    Nice post – although I don’t entirely agree that Swimming is a better cardiovascular exercise than running. Firstly, it is impossible to say whether swimming burns more calories than running in the same time period. This depends on a multitude of factors including intensity levels, technique etc.

    Whilst swimming is a great workout – for the average person, it does not provide the same cardiovascular benefits. The average person will raise there heart rate more during running than swimming. This is because running requires very little technique, so people will be able to put all their effort into maximising their aerobic capacity. However swimming requires a lot of technique, so people waste a lot of effort using poor technique, resulting in them having to stop as their muscles get fatigued. This means they have not maximised their aerobic capacity.

    Therefore – running is better for increasing aerobic fitness.