Drugs for White spot on my kids right side throat

One day my 6 year old kid was singing on top of his voice after a bath and i accidently saw a white spot like patch inside his throat. I became worried although he said he was not having any trouble yet.

  1. However, in the evening i decided to see him to an ENT because i thought that it can be some throat infection which is still developing.

The doc said that there is nothing to worry as it is a strep infection common to kids. ' The reason can be either vitamin deficiency or bacterial/fungal infection' he added. He prescribed 3 medicines.

Drug 1 (Antibiotic tablet)

The doc asked to take clavam 375 two times a day. If you get clavam 625 you have to break the single tablet and make it two.

Drug 2 ( Vitamin syrup)

A-Z syrup was also prescribed to replenish the deficiency issues. 5 ml syrup was advised 3 times a day.

Drug 3 - Betadine Gargle

Betadine gargle was to be mixed with 1 cap supplied with bottle. It was advised to gargle with luke warm water 3 times a day.